About XTsea

XTsea is a 38 foot (11.60 metre) luxury sailing catamaran.  Manufactured in 2006 by Seawind Catamarans http://www.seawindcats.com/ of Woolongong, Australia, she is hull number 22.

We purchased her in August, 2008 in Mackay, Australia where she was sitting in storage as her original owner was off exploring the world in ANOTHER Seawind 1160.

She immediately entered the fleet of Whitsunday Private Yacht Charters for a five year stint as a charter boat.  Unfortunately WPYC went under towards the middle of 2011, and we swung her into Cumberland Charter Yachts (http://www.ccy.com.au) with a contract that ends at the end of January, 2014.

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  1. Mike Beanland

    LOVE your boat guys, its what I decided a few years ago would be my next design…. Last two were Crowther Spindrifts, the most recent a 52 ft airex foam sandwich that I built myself and operated for a number of years as a charter boat.
    Now operating the boat school in Perth, I decided to get a Seawind so that we could train on it, and use it personally and perhaps do the odd trip like you guys. Having travelled over 20,000 miles crossing between continents as well as done many shorter single handed trips, I am ready for something smaller, for doing short hops rather than ocean crossings – and the Seawind is perfect !!
    Hope you had luck with parking the car? I could have let you stay in our shed, however as they are a commercial storage company I didnt want to step on toes by offering to do it for you guys. If you have problems let me know…

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