Let’s see what a cat is like…

Posted by on July 7, 2007

We today attended an ‘Introduction to Cruising’ course conducted by BoatSchool in Docklands www.boatschool.com.au

It was held aboard the ‘Nora J’ – a Seawind 1000 catamaran.

What an experience!  The day started so-so and turned out crappy, but as I helmed the boat back to dock at the end of the day with rain beating against my face, I knew a cat was for us.  At that point, Colleen was sitting inside the cabin with the ather attendees, but I was having a great time.

The comfort of travelling without any heel, as well as the space and features a cat allowed, made the decision an easy one.

A big thanks to John Sanders of Boatschool for the day!

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