Inspected ‘XTsea’ in Mackay

Posted by on June 19, 2008

Over the last two days, I have been in Mackay for a look-see and a test sail of XTsea withPhil Gray of Mooloolaba Yacht Brokers and Geoff Wilson of Whitsunday Private Yacht Charters.

First.. transport/accomodation hassles.  I was to fly Tiger out of Melbourne, and I caught a Shuttle Bus from Melton to the airport.  Only thing is, Tiger have a strict policy where passengers have to be checked in 45 minutes prior to the flight.  Thanks to the Shuttle Bus being a bit on the slow side, I was a few minutes late, and could not make the flight.  Damn.  Off to Virgin where I paid top dollar for a flight via Brisbane which took most of the day instead of 2:55pm as the direct Tiger flight would have.

Then when I get to Mackay, EVERYTHING is booked out.  I mean EVERYTHING!!  Staff from the mines fly in/out of Mackay for rest periods, plus the show was in town.  Taxi driver and I went EVERYWHERE but no dice.  Eventually found a room out back of a pub that had just been vacated which I was able to get.

Anyway, next morning I walked out to the marina.  It’s a fair hike!  There I meet Phil Gray and Geoff Wilson for an inspection.  It was a long walk out to the furthermost berth on the furthermost arm, but there sat XTsea!

She was sparkling clean and presented as practically new.  Great big signwriting on the bows stood out well.  She still had a lot of the current owner’s stuff in her, but it was hard to see any damage or wear.

Time for a sail!  XTsea had been idle for a while, so we allowed the diesels to warm up well and then headed out.  Light breeze, but we made the boat do everything a boat should do, and even gave the screecher a go.  I was very impressed by how easy everything was.  The electric winch made handling the main something anyone could do.

I think Geoff was impressed as well.  Obviously there were things that would need changing for charter operations, but he seemed happy with the vessel.

We eventually put XTsea back in the marina, and I flew home with the intention of telling Colleen she was the boat for us.

Time to arrange a survey!!

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