Maintenance visit

Posted by on August 20, 2010

[map id=”map1″ w=”640″ h=”480″ z=”20″ lat=”-20.264844″ lon=”148.712220″  maptype=”HYBRID” marker=”yes”]
There was a bit of work to do after the Rally.

We had somehow lost the TV antenna and anchorlight at the masthead, so there was some work to do there.  I also wanted to recoat the timbers on the rear seat, install a snazzy digital meter into the BEP console, and some other small jobs.

You should be able to see a map above this post.  I will be using this feature to help show you where we are.  The pointer is located on the berth where XTsea was during my visit.  You can’t actually see her as the Google Map photo must have been taken another day, but you get the idea.

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