Tomorrow we start two weeks on board

Posted by on June 16, 2011

Excited?!  You betcha!

I have just spent the evening packing, and I’m hoping the girls at Tiger will smile lovingly on me.  We have purchased 20kg of check-in baggage each, plus have a cabin allowance of 10kg each.

In reality, we have the following:

Scuba Gear (Colleen) plus clothes – 14kg
Scuba Gear (David) – 15kg
Tools and Fishing Gear – 11kg
Colleen’s Carry-on – 7kg
Colleen’s Purse – 3kg
David’s Carry-on – 7kg
David’s laptop – 2kg

We should be right on our limit.  I hope the cheap-ass luggage scale is accurate!

In addition, I will be wearing a weight belt with our 20Kg of scuba weight tied around my waist.  I also have about $80 in $1 and $2 coins, plus books in my pockets.  The plane will bank best on the side I am sitting on!

I intend on taking heaps of pictures above as well as below the water, and will have the chartplotter running hot to generate data I hope to present here.

See you in a couple of weeks!

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