Melbourne to Airlie Beach

Posted by on June 17, 2011

The scales at Tiger Airlines were kind to us, and our checked luggage got through just a smidgen over our 40kg allowance.  However, passing through security my scuba weight belt (with its 20kg of weight) was not so lucky.  I was told that the weights were classed as weapons and would have to be checked in.  Weapons!?  You’ve got to be kidding!  Oh well… I had thought that there might be an issue, so I phoned up my son Andrew who was waiting in the car close by to come and retrieve them and I would hire some when we got to Airlie.

Uneventful flight, except that the plane landed from the north due to the S-SE wind, giving me a good view of the ships lined up to get coal from the Mackay facilty.  There were at least 18 I could see in the queue.

Mum and Dad were on hand to pick us up from the airport, and we got into Abel Point Marina just on 11:30am.  Grabbed a BIG trolley and got our gear down to the boat while mum and dad dropped off their caravan.  Found XTsea halfway down A Arm.

I was expecting the boat to be covered on bird crap after being on a mooring, but it looked OK.  There was a big black bag sitting under the targa, and to my delight when I opened it up I found our missing screecher!  Yay!

Colleen started unpacking while I got busy crossing items off my to-do list.

Today I managed to:
Upgrade the Raymarine C80 chartplotter to most recent software (v5.04)
Install upgraded hard disk into Media Tank.  (The one Terabyte drive is just about full now)
Replace regulated power supply for media tank with a simple two-diode voltage drop lead.
Remove old Yanmar engine panels and swap switches and indicators across to my new panels with Faria instruments.

A few more trips up with the trolley saw mum and dad’s gear on board, and eventually Colleen and mum returned with provisions.

Met Murray from Seawind (and Leslie his better half, and Peter) on board 1000XL Lulu in the adjacent pen who was organising the event.  Seems the plan for Long Island on Sunday night may be changing.  (Later on I was asked to look at their TV system.  Some leads were swapped around and I quickly got them working again.)

Walking along the marina came a familiar face..  it was Nanette and Stuart from 1160 Truest Passion.  Nanette was the original purchaser of XTsea, and Colleen and I exchanged pleasantries with her and Stuart.

Charlie and Terry dropped by with their to-do list, and we had all had a chin-wag for a bit.

After some shenanigans with the gas (an isolation valve we didn’t know about) dinner was salmon pasta, and Colleen and I were soon headed for bed as it had been a long day.

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