Airlie Beach

Posted by on June 18, 2011

Murry and Terry (Seawind) had organised a meet’n’greet on Saturday night up at Sorrento, so we decided to hang around Abel Point and do some more work on the boat.

The knob and starter on the BBQ were dodgy, so I pulled the BBQ apart entirely to work out the issue.  My mum kept busy cleaning the metalwork, and I investigated the mechanism.  Some kind soul had used multigrips on it at some stage, deforming the case ever so slightly and causing the mechanism to bind up.  Looks like I will be needing to source a new one.

Reading the to-do list I saw that one of the electric winch switches was reported as faulty.  Pulled it apart and found water ingress had killed it./ I will be ordering one of those too.

At the meet’n’greet, the plan for Sunday was to listen on channel 75 at 10am, and for the fleet to race to Butterfly Bay after a gate start outside Abel Point. Not a lot of moorings at Butterfly, so the latecomers will be dropping the pick.

Dad and I had Lamb shanks which were fantastic, but the meal was delayed until after 9 because they did not expect so many to turn up.

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