Butterfly Bay to Whitehaven Beach

Posted by on June 20, 2011

A nervous night on the anchor in 12-15m of depth.  On first light we quickly snapped up a nearby mooring when it became free, and Dad and I headed out to see if the fish were biting.

First cast of the day saw me bring in a small coral trout, and then three or four even smaller versions.  The squid bits held together well as bait which was good, but with no real action we headed back to the boat.  As we arrived we spotted a large batfish under the boat, who chowed down on some cruskits we offered…  even taking the food from my hand.

Up anchor, we motored around the top of Hook Island to see what the conditions were out of the lee, and decided to put up the sails.  We ran with one reef to avoid our blown halyard from being in the jammer, but still managed some good speed.

Encountered another cat with what looked like some French sailers on board, so the race was on!  They ended up heading out further east, so I claimed a moral victory.

At 1:30pm we motored up just near Dumbell Island and took just over an hour to get down to the southern end of Whitehaven.  Another spot of fishing just before dark, and then we watched ‘Harry Brown’ with Michael Caine on the tank.  Early to bed.

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