Whitehaven Beach

Posted by on June 21, 2011

A slack day.  With our halyard issues, we did not want to risk it racing so we stayed put at the southern end of Whitehaven beach.  Colleen and I went for a walk on the beach first up, and I threw Colleen into the deep end by giving her the stern end of the tender for the first time.  She started the outboard and successfully got us ashore and back without a drama.

After a bit of a nanna nap, Dad and I went across to Hazlewood Island and did some fishing.  We landed lots of fish 10-15cm in length, but nothing we could legally take.  I lost a pair of Dad’s needle-nosed pliers overboard.  He had probably owned them 20 years.

Back to XTsea, we watched ‘Gran Turismo’ to compare it against ‘Harry Brown’ the previous night, and then ‘Little Fockers’ for a bit of levity.

A very calm night, and with no vessels close by I did not even bother setting the anchor alarm.

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