Whitehaven to Henning

Posted by on June 22, 2011

After two nights at Whitehaven we decided to up anchor and venture further afield. Unfortunately, the light conditions meant we had to motor to our next anchorage.

I was down in the galley when I heard raised voices after the boat turned sharply.  I raced up to find we had narrowly missed a large multi-million dollar boat. Phew!!!!  We continued to Henning Island with no further incidents and picked up a very cosy mooring. 

After a quick cuppa David and I donned our wet suits and dive gear to explore the hidden depths. We jumped in, the water was nice, and started snorkling towards the reef.  Once there we decided it was time to descend.  David was going down at a greater rate than I was but I was not concerned until I lost sight of him and instead of descending I was ascending. I tried a few times to descend however I was way too bouyant and kept floating back to the surface.

We meet topside and swam to shore to find something to weigh us down – David said he also found it harder than usual to decend. David found some nice sized rocks to put in our integrated weights and we were back in business.  Although we are certified to dive to 18 metres I have not been down that far before – I have been reluctant to go out on a long enough boat ride in Port Phillip Bay as my previous experience (to the wreck of the exHMAS Canberra) was unpleasent to say the least.

On this unassuming little island however, we definitely found some depth.  I checked my gauge regularly and we found ourselves down at 8-9 metres very quickly…  so quickly I had to ascend a couple of metres to equalise properly. Next thing I know we are at 12 metres then 19.  The vis was very poor and we could see no more than a meter or so.  We did spot a couple of fish and some nice looking coral reef.  My dive computer not only gives me information on depth and how much air is left, it also estimates how long that air will last me.  David noticed my computer said I only had 4 minutes left at that depth and so we started our ascent.  We did go a little faster than we were supposed to and once again my trusty computer alerted us to that, so we went back down a little. After doing our mandatory hover we came up to find ourselves a fair distance from the boat.  We decided to swim back to shore and walk around closer to swim back the boat.

I was pretty wrecked and decided to take a nap for an hour or so.  David woke me for cocktail hour and we enjoyed a quiet drink and some yummy nibblies made by Ali.  Dad caught what we later found out was an eel – it looked very small so it was cut loose, although not before it put up a good fight.  We still had no decent TV reception so settled back for a movie on the tank.  Since we had blood, guts and swearing night the night before we (Ali and I) convinced the boys that something lighter was in order tonight.  We watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and then ‘The Kings Speech’ (forgot the King lets go some pearlers in this one). Time for bed.. another big day tomorrow.

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