Henning to South Molle Resort

Posted by on June 23, 2011

Raised sail with one reef in it thanks to the halyard, and we were soon surfing our way around to South Molle Resort.  We hit 11.6 knots at one stage, and had sustained bursts above 10.  Great fun!!

CLICK HERE to view track in Google Earth if you have it installed.

Arrived at South Molle around 11:00, and checked in with reception to pay the $49 mooring fee.  Mum and Dad had spent their honeymoon at the resort in 1965, and were saddened to see the resort in the state it was.  Looked to be zero guests on the day we were there, but  four boats on moorings so at least they see some money coming in.

We did the 4.4km round trip walk up to Spion Kop lookout before having a quick but expensive lunch at the cafe.  The milkshakes were very welcome!

I jumped into the pool but it was freezing.  Mum grabbed some towells and we all enjoyed a nice warm shower.  We grabbed some stale bread and fed the birds with Colleen enjoying a few startling moments as birds jumped into her hand.

Coconuts were to be seen lying on the ground, and I managed to crack one open for mum, and we shared the meat with much enjoyment.  Dad and Colleen had a sample, but weren’t really into it.  Later on I found a proper coconut spike near the bird feeding area, and cleaned a second nut more easily.

Back to XTsea were dinner was started (curry!!) and we fed the remaining bread to a batfish who staked us out as his own.  Later on we saw him chasing off other batfish who were trying to move in.

Watched ‘Sailing in Heavy Weather’ and then ‘Hot Fuzz’

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