South Molle Resort to Daydream Island Resort

Posted by on June 24, 2011

Didn’t crawl out of bed until 9am, and we grabbed a quick breakfast and motored around to Daydream Island.  Quite a bit of wind about, and I thought that the mooring would probably be exposed overnight, but we would at least be secure.

After lunching, we headed for the dock in the tender in 1-1.5m swells.  Once inside the breakwater it was calm enough, and we tied up at the floating dock.

Colleen immediately sprinted for the shop to grab some hair skrunchies and lip balm and then we went for a wander around.  The pools full of rays and sharks were impressive as always, and there were (thankfully) more people around than on the semi-deserted South Molle, but still not large numbers.

We grabbed a golf-cart ride down to the southern end of the island where I grabbed us milkshakes, and then we walked the adventure trail back to the northern end.  Quite challenging in parts.

Lazing around the pools for an hour or so, the spa eventually became free (except for a pair of love-struck teenagers) and Dad and Mum and I jumped in.  Pruned-up nicely!  I grabbed a shower in the departure lounge while mum and dad froze, and then we had a round of expensive drinks in the lagoon bar before heading back to XTsea before dark.

Beating into a swell, I was glad I was up the back steering as Mum and Dad copped a small amount of spray.  Colleen scrounged us up a meal out of what was left in the cupboard, and then mum and I hit the hay at 7pm.  A rocky night.

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