Daydream Island to Airlie Beach

Posted by on June 25, 2011

Wanting to be into Airlie early, we departed the Daydream Island mooring about 8am after a quick breakfast.  Raising sail and with the wind nicely behind us, we were soon powering our way to the marina.  I commented as we made our way past the public mooring off Lover’s Cove that it would probably have been more comfortable there.

We were soon across Molle Channel and made the usual radio call-in near Pioneer Rocks.  There was a Fusion sailing cat near us as we passed the rocks, and they choose to motor into Airlie whilst we ran in under sail.  Colleen and I scorn those who don’t throw up some sail… Conditions were fantastic and we made 7-8 knots.  We turned into the maraina channel only a couple of minutes behind them.

We were positioned in B18 and it is SO tight on B-arm.  Terry (Cumberland) jumped on board to back us into the pen.  It is a dark science and those guys make it look so easy.

Mum and dad went off to take their stuff to the caravan, whilst we cleaned up the boat and did the washing.  Terry arrived with a new halyard (a nie go-fast red one) and I assisted as he installed it.  He used the topping lift halyard instead of the main halyard, which meant I had to profide a bit of muscle on the starboard (unpowered) winch.  I gave Dad the old halyard to take home for us, as well as a lot of my heavier technical stuff and all the useless fishing gear.  The fish are too smart for us.  We also gave the remaining bait to an outgoing cat.. hope that they have better luck than us.

Colleen had some stuff to buy for the boat (cushions, galley stuff) as well as food for our coming week, so Dad and I dropped mum and her at Woolworths/BigW in Cannonvale.  Dad and I intended to go back to the caravan park and check out problems he was having with the caravan lights, but I saw a door open at the Yamaha dealer and asked to drive there to ask about a new outboard.  The Yamaha dealer was closed, but next door there was a ballistrade place that was welding, and I popped in and asked if they could weld up a couple of popped welds on the BBQ.  They said no problem, so we went back to get the BBQ, which was fixed in a couple of minutes.  I rang Colleen to see what she was up to, and she said the BigW stuff  was ready so we grabbed that and took everything back to the boat.

Another trip back to Cannonvale to pick up mum and Colleen after their supermarket trip, we dropped off Colleen at the boat and I went with mum and dad to look at their wiring.  Turns out the problem was on their vehicle rather than the caravan, and after an hour or so their wiring was fixed, and we grabbed Colleen and went to dinner at a pub.  Everyone chose fish to make up for the lack of success on the water.

Back to the boat, and I went straiht to bed (7:30pm) as I was shagged.

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