Butterfly Bay

Posted by on June 27, 2011

Colleen called a lay day from sailing, and we vegged about the boat in Butterfly Bay.  I kept busy recording all the serial numbers of equipment, tidying up the toolbox and reorganising infrequently used gear into out-of-the-way spaces.

Had a second visit from a semi-tame seagull.  Brave bugger was actually eating from my hand.  Colleen was not amused.

I also ‘discovered’ another couple of nooks and crannies.  I can understand why Customs need sniffer dogs..  if they had to look everywhere on this boat it would take forever.

We still have strong wind warnings current, which means a trip out to the Reef is not a good idea.  I’m all for giving it a bash for a quick day trip if the weather is too bumpy for an overnight stay, but we’ll see how the week progresses.

We jumped into the water mid-afternoon for a bit of a snorkel.  No wetsuits, but the water was reasonably comfortable after a few minutes acclimatisation.  I’m getting some good depth freediving.. I’ll take a divecomputer next time to see how deep I can get without tanks.

Watched ‘Avatar’ and had a nice meal of veal and veggies, and then watched ‘Spaceballs’.  I was falling asleep during the last few minutes of the flick, and must have zonked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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