Blue Pearl Bay

Posted by on June 29, 2011

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Commercial boats began arriving before 9am for snorkels and dives, and we took the tender ashore just after 9 for a dive.  Coral underfoot on the beach was not too comfortable, so it was nice to get into the water.  We were immediately surrounded by a school of 5cm fish, and headed in the same direction that a dive group was.

Saw a REALLY big groper, at least a metre in length, with the other divers before we parted ways and headed deeper.  Visability was not brilliant, but OK.  Lots of fish about, in all sizes.  I found three snorkels, a mask, and a coffee mug, and brought them all up to dispose of back on shore.  We tied a tether between us, which was a good addition despite the occasional snag.  Colleen in an attempt to either detangle the tether or kill me, managed to wrench my regulator out of my mouth at around 16m.  Thanks Colby!

Managing our air nicely, I signalled to start our ascent when I had ten minutes of air left at that depth.  We spent the required time at 5m to decompress, and spent some time at shallow depths getting back to the boat.  Easy to see why there are so many snorklers there.

Making our way back to XTsea, we had a word with ‘Ecca’ on one of the commercial boat’s tenders who said we could score a refill without a drama.  Sweet.  Tanks arrived later in the day ready for Thursday.  Wouldn’t take our money either!

I cooked my lovely wife a meal of sautee’d onions and salmon in a creamy sauce with pasta (sauce from a jar, but I added the other stuff), followed by choc dipped icecream a’la mond (a Magnum).  Started watching ‘G.I. Joe’ but nodded off.  Colleen saw it to the end and said it was a blokes film, but OK.

One of the commercial boats (‘Atlantic Clipper’) stayed overnight, and partied on until late, but I was too tired to call the cops and dob them in for their noisy party.

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