Blue Pearl Bay to Daydream Island

Posted by on June 30, 2011

Another noisy night on the mooring, but I was up and swimming at 7:30.  Couldn’t convince Colleen to join me.  Conditions were worse than yesterday, and despite quite a few operator boats turning up, not many stayed long.  A large mono asked if we could leave the mooring as their anchor would not hold them, so we jumped down to a smaller mooring at the south end of the bay.

We eventually set up for a dive, and jumped straight off the boat.  Straight to the bottom of the mooring line at 10m, we headed towards the shore to find the reef.  Visibility was only 4-5m but the abundance of fish and different types of coral was great.  We saw another huge grouper under a ledge, and glimpses of other large fish from time to time.  Getting quite brave, we made our way into and under some quite tight formations.  Our dive time was 50 minutes.. a new best.

After a quick lunch, we departed in the direction of Airlie.  The 25-30 knot breeze was on our nose, so the sails stayed furled and the diesels had a run.  We thought we would aim for the public mooring off Daydream, and despite conditions doing their best to discourage us, eventually got there in driving rain to find it vacant.

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