Airlie Beach.

Posted by on July 2, 2011

Disaster!  Tiger Airlines have been shut down.  Bugger!!!  We wake to the 9am news and hear that our plans are completely stuffed.

We had booked (and paid for) a bus back to Mackay, accomodation at Mackay, and the flight home.  Now we would have to buy tickets on the ferry to Hammo and flights on Jetstar from Hamilton Island. More expense.  I jumped in the tender and whipped into the CCY office to book flights on the internet and try to cancel the accomodation.

That gave us another day on the boat though, so we managed to do a fair bit more.  I fixed a small leak in the starboard head, and removed a redundant pump from the starboard head.  Installed a shower curtain, repaired the BBQ, fixed the electric winch switch, cleaned up, and polished off the rest of the food.

To make the ferry early in the morning, we took our scuba gear up to the CCY office and borrowed a tender to save having to shuttle another tender out in the morning.  This meant that Colleen had to deal with the tender by herself.  She managed it all wonderfully, and even hoisted it onto the davitts.  (I think she was pretty pleased with herself too!)

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