Airlie to home. See you next time XTsea!

Posted by on July 3, 2011

Up early and rush rush rush to catch the ferry.  In the borrowed tender we load it up with the remaining gear and luggage and head in.  I drop Colleen at an arm off the ferry arm, and tie the loaner up in its spot.  I drop off the keys to XTsea, and pick up our scuba gear.  It’s a fair walk to the ferry point and that stuff was HEAVY!

All good.  We enjoy the ferry ride and get to the airport at Hammo nice and early.  The Jetstar staff helped us reorganise our gear to get close to weight limits, which was a struggle.  Through security, Colleen was pulled up with a sewing kit, and zapped back to check-in to send it through checked luggage.

The flight home was delayed by about an hour, so Cassie and Luke had to hang out waiting for us.  Home at last.

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