Strong Aussie dollar.. time to buy up!

Posted by on October 8, 2011

LifeTagI have taken advantage of the strong Aussie dollar to buy a couple of bits of marine electronics.

I purchased a Raymarine ‘Lifetag’ system, which hopefully improves safety for one-up passages or when pets/children are on board.

A small base station is hooked in to the Seatalk network and polls a couple of tags at short intervals to make sure they are still within range.  If the base station does not hear from a tag, an audible alarm starts, and a man overboard (MOB) alert is sent to the chartplotter.

Details here

31316_1_The other goodie I grabbed was an ST70 Multifunction display.

This baby displays all sorts of data, and keeps a short history of data and can display graphs over time.

I intend mounting this in the main sleeping cabin.


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