Melbourne Martha Cove Seawind Rally

Posted by on April 1, 2012

Colleen and I spent the weekend with a few other Seawind owners, guests, and visitors at the first Martha Cove Seawind Rally.

Expertly convened by Terry Jones, there were three 1250’s (Whiskers, Imagine 7, and the brand new Lauren Maree), two 1160’s (Kirra Kirra and Marion), and a solitary 1000 (Summer Wind).

We had a longish race on the Saturday in a brisk 25-30 knots, and then a much shorter race on Sunday when the wind deserted us.  Only Marion and Summer Wind were stubborn enough to finish the Sunday race.  Well done to them!!

Collen and I raced on Marion with owners Ken and Lynn (and guests Len and Jan) on the Saturday, and it was terrific!  We managed to time our start pretty well, with Ken crossing the line in second.  The wind did not allow us to lay the bottom mark without a final tack and we lost a bit of time there, and the three 1250’s were well ahead of us before the bottom mark.  Kirra Kirra turned ahead of us but within reach, and the “completely non-competitive” Colleen took the helm and the chase was on!

A ding-dong battle ensued, with Colleen eventually ducking under Kirra Kirra and getting a small break.  With me hanging off the jib to give us a wings-out configuration we saved ourself a gybe and crossed the line ahead.

We raced on Whiskers with Terry and Barb on the Sunday.  In very light conditions the Seawind 1000 Summer Wind crossed the start line first, followed by Imagine 7 with their big genoa proudly sagging in the zephr of breeze.  The fleet inched its way down the course, and we were lucky enough to strike the edges of the breeze first and established a good lead over Imagine 7.  Rounding the bottom mark, what wind there was disappeared.  We persisted for twenty minutes or so, then fired up the diesel headsail and made our way back to the marina.  Most of the fleet followed our example, leaving Marion and Summer Wind to fight it out for the points.

I spent a relaxing afternoon with my head wedged into Out of the Blue helping to install a new autopilot, and following a few presentations we made our goodbyes and headed home.

All-in-all it was a fantastic weekend



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