Garage Sale day! House looking SCHMICK!

Posted by on January 19, 2013

Not a lot has been happening boat-wise, but a lot happening on the home front.

I had an offer to swap a pinball machine for a full interior paint job on the house. I had a couple of weeks off so moved out ALL the furniture (except the pool table) and removed doors and drapes, and the painter had a field day turning a home with 15 years of family living back into a sales brochure. Patched all the dings, filled in all the excess electrical plates, you name it.. we did it.

Then with all the furniture outside, I thought it might be a good opportunity to sell some of it off so we ran a garage sale today. It went really well, and I sold my last pinball machine and a video jukebox as big ticket items and basically halved what is in the shed.

It’s starting to all come together. Let’s hope the market for houses in Spring is up!

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