Facebook? Can you hear me?!?

Posted by on May 5, 2013

facebooklogoWell it has taken me a couple of weeks of pulling what little hair I have left out, but I’m hoping that I have now worked out the gremlins in this WordPress-to-Facebook plugin.

Touch wood, posts that are made on www.xtsea.com.au will automatically be bounced across to Facebook.  You can also (Follow us on Facebook) by clicking a button on the sidebar of the XTsea site.

I have also migrated the XTsea site onto a different host, which was a story in itself!  The new host is aussie-based and hopefully quicker, and so far I am very impressed.

I can now start work in earnest on a method to display the gps tracking data output by the datalogger I have developed.  It’s currently logging my daily trips in my Ford Falcon so I have some data to test it out with.

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