Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Posted by on May 27, 2013

wbanner-objects2Colleen and I spent the day at the Sanctuary Cove boat show up on the Gold Coast.  A lot of interesting electronics caught my eye, but as far as purchases went we purchased a snazzy extendable boat hook, updated our Navionics charts, and ordered a couple of inserts from Seawind to widen the usable area of the targa-top.

Comparing the Sanctuary Cove show to anything held in Melbourne is really chalk and cheese.  We spent five hours there and did not see everything.  If you’re a boatie, it really is a fantastic event.  Thousands of attendees, many stallholders.

Caught up with Ken and Lyn of Solaris (1160) as well as Terry, Royce, Richard, and Brent of Seawind.  Also saw Adrian and the rest of the Cumberland Charter Yacht stand as they busily fielded enquiries.  Adrian was impressed by the card and wanted to see the website (and the Facebook page) immediately, and found a bug in the Facebook ‘Like’ method… which should hopefully be fixed now.

We freely handed out our contact card, and some fridge magnets and hatsavers, and hopefully looked good in our embroidered polo tops.

jetlev_05Apart from the normal boatie displays, there was a demonstration of a jetski-powered water-jet backpack which looked like a lot of fun.

Received a call early in the day from John of CCY that both of the house batteries on XTsea were basically dead.  New ones will be purchased in the bext couple of days.  Sigh.



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