2013 Seawind Whitsunday Rally – Second in Line Honours!

Posted by on July 2, 2013


Congratulations go to Kevin Lord and his extended crew (total of seven on board!), who chartered XTsea to compete in the 2013 Seawind Whitsunday Rally held in late June.

Possibly benefiting from the nice new set of sails that were purchased recently, XTsea finished second in Line Honours overall in the week-long regatta.  With the slightly bigger 1250 model ‘Wind of Change’ taking Line Honours, Kevin must have outsailed at least one other 1250 (‘Seawindow’) to come in second.  Good job!!

I did some googling and discovered Kevin owns a Seawind 1000 called ‘Overture’ and hails from Jervis Bay where the local cruising yacht club (http://www.jbcyc.com.au) has five or so Seawinds in what looks to be spirited and closely contested competition.  Reading from their website (http://www.jbcyc.com.au/news/membersinthewhitsundays) it looks like half the club flew up for some fun in the sun. With three captains aboard, I’m sure the combined wisdom helped XTsea to find the breeze.

It sounds like light winds were the norm for the week, which is surprising as the southerlies are usually very reliable that time of year.

XTsea has a proud record in the Seawind Whitsunday Rally.  Colleen and I took part in 2010 along with Dave and Linda Renouf and our brother-in-law Anthony Verhoef.  In a fleet of 18 Seawinds we won two of the six races and were awarded handicap winner and overall Rally Champions!  See http://xtsea.com.au/?p=72 for a rundown of our rally.

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