Sold! Nothing can stop us now!!

Posted by on September 20, 2013


Today we signed the contract of sale for our home of sixteen years. This is the longest either of us have spent in one house and it is a fair whack of our lives. The kids have grown up here, and Molly has not known any other home.

The house looks nice now, but it has been a lot of work over a long period of time to get it into this state. I pulled down an old crappy pergola and put up a glorious new Stratco masterpiece. I then ripped off the old roofing on the huge shed and replaced some supporing beams to give a consistent roofline. The front garden was ripped out and totally redone with new paths, garden, and planter boxes, and I continued the theme in the back yard with some edging. A big thanks to my dad who helped me with the task and gave me pointers on bricklaying. Finished off with a small timber deck in the entrance and a lick of paint all round.

Inside all the nicks and dings in the plaster walls were patched, then I swapped one of my pinball machines with a painter for a full interior paintjob! Win-win.

The sale process was reasonably stress-free, thanks in no small part to our guide in the matter, Michael from Ian Reid Vendor Advocacy. Micheal kept our agent Vicki from Hocking Stuart on her toes, and managed to get us the best price in the current market.

With the January holidays stopping everyone from achieving anything, the settlement should take place sometime after the middle of January.

***UPDATE*** As usual, the banks took their sweet time, but we were advised today (October 8) that the buyers finance had been approved, so the sale is now non-conditional.

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