Week 0 – Roadtrip!

Posted by on January 24, 2014


After a trip of nearly 3000km, we had a mostly uneventful trip north. Our dog, Molly (who is 16+ yrs old), is the best traveller ever!! We had hardly a peep out of her our entire trip and she has taken to life on the boat with ease – yay!!

We squeezed the last of our stuff onto the trailer and headed north late on the Wednesday. It had been four days of cleaning and packing in 40+ degree days. Steam cleaning of all carpets and a final spit and polish of everything else had us both exhausted. The size of the pile of stuff in the trailer had us both worried but there was NOTHING we could do without… or so we thought.


Our first stop in Numurkah allowed for a much needed respite from the effort of cleaning the house and physically moving everything. Thanks to Dad for putting us up for a couple of days. While it was unfortunate Mum had to work we were grateful we were able to see her (briefly) in Shepparton where her tour bus stopped for morning tea.

Our next stop (on the itinerary drawn up by Dad) had us bedding down for the night in Coonabarabran. On our way to this stop we had a break at the ‘dish’ outside Parkes. This a great place with lots to see and do and I recommend it to anyone heading that way.

The next day we left the southern states behind and drove into Qld with our next scheduled overnight stay at my Auntie Shirl’s place in Toowoomba. Molly had a great time playing with the resident dogs and had a chance to have a run around. Many thanks to Shirley and Barry for a great night and bacon and eggs for brekky to send us on our way to Rockhampton.

Thus far our trip North had been uneventful with car and trailer performing brilliantly. Unfortunately our luck ran out when we blew a tyre on the trailer just outside Bigalow about 15 km from Chinchilla.  With no spare to suit David unhooked the trailer and left me on guard duty (in around 40 degree heat) and went in search of a replacement tyre. I forgot to mention that not only were we far from a major town but it was Sunday afternoon.

With no hope of finding a mechanic open, David tried some door knocking and while it seemed at first like the entire town had left for the day he managed to find someone home, a lovely lady who had a tyre that looked like it would do the job. David headed back to fit the newly acquired tyre only to find it did not fit BUGGER!! So once again David was called on to use his considerable muscle (both bicep and brain) to get the trailer to the point where it would not be in danger of toppling over and go back and find another tyre. He arrived at the same house where he got the tyre and found that dad had arrived home and dug up an alternative wheel. This wheel did the trick and we were once again on our way with Rockhampton our destination for the evening.

We ended our road trip at Able Point Marina the next day and begun the herculean task of unloading the car and trailer and trying to find homes for everything on the boat. The enormity of this task could only be appreciated when all the boxes and bags were put on the boat – sorry too overwhelmed to take a photo. Both David and I wondered where it would all go!! Much to our amazement (and that of several other people around the marina) we fit it all in!! Admittedly this took a couple of days. We also made use of the local shopping area in Cannonvale to fill in the gaps – I know hard to believe there were any but we did not bring everything we would need to cruise in comfort:)

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