2014 May – The Voyage Commences

Posted by on July 2, 2014


Total Days Sailed : 11
Total Sailing time : 42h43m (2563 minutes)
Travelled distance : 334.822 km (180.789 nm)
Average Speed : 7.83 km/h (4.23 knots)
Peak Speed : 16.50 km/h (8.91 knots) on 2014/05/26

2014-05-01 - FROM Cid Harbour TO Hamilton Island Marina

Trip start* : 2014/05/01 08:26:56 (*2014-04-30T22:26:56Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/01 11:00:00
Travelling Time : 1h33m (93 minutes)
Trip Duration : 2h33m (153 minutes)
Start Point : 148.941528,-20.254810
End Point : 148.949249,-20.346490
Straight-line Distance : 10.226 km (5.521 nm)
Travelled distance : 14.661 km (7.916 nm)
Average Speed : 9.45 km/h (5.10 knots)
Peak Speed : 13.51 km/h (7.29 knots)

2014-05-02 - FROM Hamilton Island Marina TO Beach 23

Trip start* : 2014/05/02 10:49:04 (*2014-05-02T00:49:04Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/02 11:30:00
Trip Duration : 0h40m (40 minutes)
Start Point : 148.948928,-20.346439
End Point : 148.954177,-20.316869
Straight-line Distance : 3.333 km (1.799 nm)
Travelled distance : 4.105 km (2.216 nm)
Average Speed : 6.15 km/h (3.32 knots)
Peak Speed : 9.17 km/h (4.95 knots)

2014-05-03 - FROM Beach 23 TO Cid Harbour

Trip start* : 2014/05/03 13:31:27 (*2014-05-03T03:31:27Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/03 14:46:44
Trip Duration : 1h15m (75 minutes)
Start Point : 148.953903,-20.316370
End Point : 148.945526,-20.256710
Straight-line Distance : 6.691 km (3.612 nm)
Travelled distance : 11.415 km (6.163 nm)
Average Speed : 9.13 km/h (4.93 knots)
Peak Speed : 10.96 km/h (5.91 knots)

After seeing off our visitors, we started the month easing back into a more unhurried life by spending a couple of days in Cid harbour. We took the opportunity to make the trek up to the top of the 434m high Whitsunday Peak, which was quite challenging. The view from the top was magnificent however!


2014-05-05 - FROM Cid Harbour TO Airlie Beach

Trip start* : 2014/05/05 09:06:27 (*2014-05-04T23:06:27Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/05 16:30:00
Travelling Time : 3h13m (193 minutes)
Trip Duration : 7h23m (443 minutes)
Start Point : 148.944458,-20.254880
End Point : 148.704956,-20.264169
Straight-line Distance : 25.005 km (13.501 nm)
Travelled distance : 28.378 km (15.323 nm)
Average Speed : 8.82 km/h (4.76 knots)
Peak Speed : 14.41 km/h (7.78 knots)

Returning to Airlie on the 5th, we then began the process of getting ready to finally begin the trip north. David commissioned the water-maker, got the replacement AIS system operational, purchased some rope and fittings to connect barber-haulers to the jib, and then Colleen hit the shops to provision. Waiting for some strong wind warnings to abate, we finally upped-anchor on May 20 and headed north.


2014-05-20 - FROM Airlie Beach TO Armit Island

Trip start* : 2014/05/20 11:10:00 (*2014-05-20T01:10:00Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/20 14:20:00
Trip Duration : 3h10m (190 minutes)
Start Point : 148.704452,-20.267419
End Point : 148.647048,-20.097299
Straight-line Distance : 19.842 km (10.714 nm)
Travelled distance : 24.148 km (13.039 nm)
Average Speed : 7.62 km/h (4.11 knots)
Peak Speed : 14.09 km/h (7.61 knots)

2014-05-21 - FROM Armit Island TO Cape Glouchester

Trip start* : 2014/05/21 13:11:58 (*2014-05-21T03:11:58Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/21 17:13:19
Trip Duration : 4h01m (241 minutes)
Start Point : 148.646835,-20.097000
End Point : 148.441802,-20.068729
Straight-line Distance : 21.641 km (11.685 nm)
Travelled distance : 24.630 km (13.299 nm)
Average Speed : 6.13 km/h (3.31 knots)
Peak Speed : 8.80 km/h (4.75 knots)

We spent the next couple of nights at Cape Glouchester. After getting in late we woke to a calm and windless day. We decided to explore the much-lauded facilities and had a lovely lunch at the Eco Resort and wandered up the other end of the beach to Monty’s resort for an ice-cream. After another lovely calm night we upped anchor and headed for Bowen.

2014-05-23 - FROM Cape Glouchester TO Queens Bay, Bowen

Trip start* : 2014/05/23 08:51:27 (*2014-05-22T22:51:27Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/23 13:30:00
Trip Duration : 4h38m (278 minutes)
Start Point : 148.441802,-20.068500
End Point : 148.253784,-19.978149
Straight-line Distance : 22.063 km (11.913 nm)
Travelled distance : 25.033 km (13.517 nm)
Average Speed : 5.40 km/h (2.91 knots)
Peak Speed : 11.68 km/h (6.30 knots)

Colleen had looked at the attractions and likely provisioning options in Bowen on the internet before leaving Airlie, so we felt certain we could get what we needed. The one thing we did not count on was getting on to the beach. This was made impossible by very large sandbars and a reasonable tide. We motored around Queens Bay in the tender before giving up and going back to the boat. David was able to get onto the boat ramp to dispose of our rubbish but without a vehicle it would be a long way to anything in town. Luckily Colleen is her mother’s daughter and had enough food on board for many, many weeks if not months.

2014-05-25 - FROM Bowen TO Cape Upstart

Trip start* : 2014/05/25 10:03:58 (*2014-05-25T00:03:58Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/25 18:30:00
Trip Duration : 8h26m (506 minutes)
Start Point : 148.252777,-19.977539
End Point : 147.754608,-19.713489
Straight-line Distance : 59.807 km (32.293 nm)
Travelled distance : 63.892 km (34.499 nm)
Average Speed : 7.57 km/h (4.09 knots)
Peak Speed : 9.85 km/h (5.32 knots)

The leg from Bowen to Cape Upstart saw us go past the Abbot Point coal facility which is in the news as a planned expansion was being debated. With 12 ships in the queue from the AIS, it is obvious that they need some way to speed up the loading process. It must have been pretty boring waiting onboard those ships for more than a week.

Light winds saw us raise our screecher for the first time. It really is a massive sail, being approximately the same size as our main. It went up fine, but as the winds built it was a struggle to furl it. Later investigation suggested that the furler twisted too much when under load, which made the entry and exit points for the continuous furling rope bind the rope. David would later cut off the snap-shackle and weld on a rigid D-shackle which improved the system tremendously.

This was our longest trip yet being just over 35nm. Arriving about 6:30pm in growing darkness, there were several other boats in the small anchorage and a very well placed beacon. We easily navigated to a suitable spot and spent a very calm night. This was a lovely anchorage and it would have been nice to explore a bit, but the weather reported good winds for the next day that we could not turn down.

2014-05-26 - FROM Cape Upstart TO Cape Bowling Green

Trip start* : 2014/05/26 09:56:58 (*2014-05-25T23:56:58Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/26 16:51:41
Trip Duration : 6h54m (414 minutes)
Start Point : 147.754180,-19.713079
End Point : 147.380172,-19.304700
Straight-line Distance : 59.989 km (32.391 nm)
Travelled distance : 72.345 km (39.063 nm)
Average Speed : 10.48 km/h (5.66 knots)
Peak Speed : 16.50 km/h (8.91 knots)

As it turned out we did not have as much wind as we had hoped and was forced to motor a good deal of the way, but the wind climbed towards the end of the day making an uncomfortable night with very little protection behind the low-lying cape.

2014-05-27 - FROM Cape Bowling Green TO Cape Cleveland

Trip start* : 2014/05/27 07:04:57 (*2014-05-26T21:04:57Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/27 17:40:00
Travelling Time : 5h12m (312 minutes)
Trip Duration : 10h35m (635 minutes)
Start Point : 147.378692,-19.303489
End Point : 147.002334,-19.201000
Straight-line Distance : 41.119 km (22.202 nm)
Travelled distance : 45.362 km (24.493 nm)
Average Speed : 8.72 km/h (4.71 knots)
Peak Speed : 13.45 km/h (7.26 knots)

2014-05-28 - FROM Cape Cleveland TO Townsville

Trip start* : 2014/05/28 10:12:56 (*2014-05-28T00:12:56Z)
Trip end : 2014/05/28 13:54:49
Trip Duration : 3h41m (221 minutes)
Start Point : 146.999267,-19.201280
End Point : 146.825515,-19.246690
Straight-line Distance : 18.928 km (10.220 nm)
Travelled distance : 20.847 km (11.256 nm)
Average Speed : 5.66 km/h (3.05 knots)
Peak Speed : 8.59 km/h (4.63 knots)

We took our time in leaving the Cape and arrived just outside the Breakwater Marina in an area affectionately known as the ‘Duck Pond’. We took a quick trip into the marina on the tender to check out the facilities but did not stay long as they appeared sadly lacking. We decided we would tender into the marina in the morning and get some jobs done. Breakwater charged us $15 to tie up ($10) and use the facilities ($5). David did question why we needed to pay the extra $5 to be able to pay to use the coin-operated washing and drying machines.

Unfortunately, this was the only laundry within cooee so we paid the money and got to it. Colleen met some lovely people and we were invited by Cheryl on Reflection, a Seawind 1250, for nibbles and dinner. David definitely made good use of his folding bike as he went in search of some-one to do some welding.

With Colleen wanting to restock, she set out to the local supermarket around 9:30am. For all those that complain about shopping, you have no idea how long it can take on a boat. Firstly, with no car you need to walk there which is not so bad but it does add time. Secondly, the shopping itself in an unfamiliar store adds time. But both of these inconveniences pale into insignificance when compared to getting two trolley-loads of groceries, meat, veggies and booze back to the boat.

David had beached the tender at the closest beach and joined Colleen at the supermarket to assist. We walked a trolley each down to the water and unloaded them into the tender. Unfortunately, there was no room for Colleen so after she walked the trollies back to the supermarket she walked back to the marina for the pickup. After packing away everything and a quick break for lunch, the process was finished around 2:30pm, some 5 hours after starting….whew!!

Met up with Glenn on a smallish Schionning called Winterlong in the Townsville duckpond, as well as Cheryl and Tom on the Seawind 1250 Reflections in the marina.

For the last day of May we checked out some of the sights of Townsville. We visited the Maritime Museum, the local Leagues Club and our very first rugby game – for the record Cowboys trounced Storm 22-0.

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