2017 November – Sydney

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Total Sailing time : 17h02m (1022 minutes)
Travelled distance : 154.31 km (83.32 nm)
Average Speed : 9.05 km/h (4.89 knots)
Peak Speed : 15.91 km/h (8.59 knots) on 2017/11/24

Our first full month in Port Jackson. This month we pottered around enjoying this wonderful harbor, and took a run down the Parramatta River as far as we could go. We also were able to host some visitors!

To start the month, David managed to find his way to Whitworths and then spent a bit of time rewiring the bilge pumps so that signals went to the BEP DCSM display. This gives us the ability to see how many times the bilge pumps activate and how long they run for. The bilge pumps were originally wired with only two wires which was not optimal, so David replaced them with special three-core cabling – tinned of course.

We tied up the tender at the Sydney Fish Markets (now mostly an expensive tourist trap) and enjoyed a nice walk to Circular Key and the Opera House. We popped into the Information Centre for a bagful of brochures as well.

We decided to devote a full day to the Sydney Maritime Museum. The vessels on display include a decommissioned naval destroyer and an Onslow-class submarine, and they were fascinating. The cramped submarine had very little done to it after decommissioning, and knowing that 60 crew and 8 officers lived in a tin can only ninety metres long was humbling. We also toured a replica of HMB Endeavour (Cook’s ship of discovery) which was excellent, and to round off the day wandered around the 1874 James Craig tall ship, and a modern tall ship called Tenacious, which was designed and built to permit disabled people to contribute to sailing the 586 tonne, 56 metre vessel.

Sydney Maritime Museum. Spent a day on the outside exhibits (which cost) then another day inside (which is free)

We ran out of time to see the inside exhibits on the day, but went back on the 17th to go through the inside at our leisure. Kay Cottee’s Blackmores First Lady was inspirational to see in the days before GPS, and the Navigators section was very interesting. We just can’t get enough of museums!

2017-11-09 - FROM Rozelle Bay TO Athol Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/09 12:47:01 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-09T02:47:01Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/09 13:53:12
Trip Duration : 1h06m (66 minutes)
Start Point : 151.176528,-33.871578
End Point : 151.243560,-33.848320
Travelled distance : 9.48 km (5.12 nm)
Average Speed : 8.62 km/h (4.65 knots)
Peak Speed : 11.25 km/h (6.07 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 6.708 km (3.622 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 6.09 km/h (3.29 knots)

We thought it might be nice to pop out to Athol Bay for the night. We had visited the spot for lunch during the MultiHull Central Rally, but wanted to check it out with a view to grabbing a spot on New Years Eve. There are five public 24-hour moorings there, and it is a very popular spot. The party boats in particular seem to gravitate there.

2017-11-11 - FROM Athol Bay TO Rozelle Bay VIA Harbour Tour

Trip start : 2017/11/11 07:58:28 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-10T21:58:28Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/11 15:31:15
Travelling Time : 2h59m (179 minutes)
Trip Duration : 7h32m (452 minutes)
Start Point : 151.243652,-33.848350
End Point : 151.175689,-33.872100
Travelled distance : 26.78 km (14.46 nm)
Average Speed : 8.97 km/h (4.84 knots)
Peak Speed : 13.12 km/h (7.08 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 6.808 km (3.676 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 2.28 km/h (1.23 knots)

We had some visitors! David’s sister Denise arranged to pop by with daughter Chloe, friend Simon, and dog Charlie! We motored back to Rozelle Bay to pick them up, then took them on a bit of a tour by doing a lap of Darling Harbour, lunching in a quite rolly Farm Cove, then visiting Athol Bay before returning them to Rozelle Bay via Luna Park. We even gave them a bit of excitement by catching our windgen mount on some boat’s davits as we squeezed through Lavender Bay. A good time was had by all!

2017-11-12 - FROM Rozelle Bay TO Balls Head Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/12 11:34:44 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-12T01:34:44Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/12 12:55:10
Travelling Time : 0h51m (51 minutes)
Trip Duration : 1h20m (80 minutes)
Start Point : 151.176055,-33.872020
End Point : 151.190261,-33.838500
Travelled distance : 5.11 km (2.76 nm)
Average Speed : 6.01 km/h (3.24 knots)
Peak Speed : 12.00 km/h (6.48 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 3.951 km (2.133 nm)

We spent a couple of days hanging out in Balls Head Bay. David busied himself removing the original storage-tank water heater which we have found to be excess to needs. Some pipes had calcified up so more messy work there too.

2017-11-14 - FROM Balls Head Bay TO Athol Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/14 14:31:48 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-14T04:31:48Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/14 15:14:40
Trip Duration : 0h42m (42 minutes)
Start Point : 151.190414,-33.838668
End Point : 151.242477,-33.847370
Travelled distance : 6.01 km (3.24 nm)
Average Speed : 8.58 km/h (4.63 knots)
Peak Speed : 10.38 km/h (5.60 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 4.904 km (2.648 nm)

Back to Athol Bay! A wonderful sunset was a prelude to a visit to Tooronga Zoo the next morning.

Athol Bay. One of the best spots to view Sydney at sunset.

Up bright and early to get into Tooronga Zoo as soon as the door opened. We took the chairlift up to the upper entrance as the lower entrance isn’t open until later on.

On the chairlift at Tooronga Zoo. Brilliant weather.

Tooronga Zoo Meerkats. Cute.

Amazing to see a Sumatran Tiger up close and personal

The Seal Show at Tooronga Zoo. A must-see!

David channeling Dr.Doolittle with a couple of small brave birds

The zoo was fantastic, and there was so much to see and do. Even with some areas under reconstruction, we only just managed to see everything before they shut the doors on us at 5pm.

2017-11-16 - FROM Athol Bay TO Rozelle Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/16 07:13:05 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-15T21:13:05Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/16 08:00:22
Trip Duration : 0h47m (47 minutes)
Start Point : 151.242843,-33.847591
End Point : 151.176940,-33.872249
Travelled distance : 7.42 km (4.00 nm)
Average Speed : 9.47 km/h (5.11 knots)
Peak Speed : 12.46 km/h (6.72 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 6.674 km (3.603 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 8.52 km/h (4.60 knots)

2017-11-20 - FROM Rozelle Bay TO Blackwattle Bay VIA White Bay Wharf

Trip start : 2017/11/20 16:23:22 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-20T06:23:22Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/20 17:25:28
Travelling Time : 0h36m (36 minutes)
Trip Duration : 1h02m (62 minutes)
Start Point : 151.176879,-33.872131
End Point : 151.186553,-33.872741
Travelled distance : 3.55 km (1.92 nm)
Average Speed : 5.92 km/h (3.20 knots)
Peak Speed : 9.61 km/h (5.19 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 0.895 km (0.483 nm)

Needing water and a pump-out, we made the short trip to White Bay. The water tank was soon brimming, but unfortunately some idiot had let a towel (!!) get into his holding tank and when it was pumped out it wrecked the huge and probably very expensive pump. We motored back but this time dropped anchor in Blackwattle Bay. TV reception there was not good, and the anchoring space was quite tight.

2017-11-21 - FROM Blackwattle Bay TO Athol Bay VIA Rushcutters Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/21 09:17:53 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-20T23:17:53Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/21 10:56:36
Travelling Time : 1h09m (69 minutes)
Trip Duration : 1h38m (98 minutes)
Start Point : 151.187179,-33.872909
End Point : 151.243469,-33.849159
Travelled distance : 10.71 km (5.78 nm)
Average Speed : 9.31 km/h (5.02 knots)
Peak Speed : 10.72 km/h (5.79 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 5.829 km (3.147 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 5.06 km/h (2.73 knots)

With our tank now stinking up well and truly, we soon were on our way to the d’Albora Marina in Rushcutters Bay where a working pump-out facility awaited us. David was pretty sure that there was still a problem, so we headed across to Athol Bay to sort it out.

Sure enough, once the hoses were off, there was still a significant blockage. Removing the holding tank means taking every fitting off the tank and rotating the tank through the engine-bay hatch. A very unpleasant job. This was the second time David has performed this task and probably won’t be the last.

We took a walk along Bradleys Head, seeing plenty of lizards on the way. We walked down to the lighthouse at the point, but Colleen somehow managed to fall into a hole in the walkway, giving her knee a bit of a knock resulting in the walk back being more of a hobble.

2017-11-23 - FROM Athol Bay TO Athol Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/23 14:41:44 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-23T04:41:44Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/23 16:34:24
Trip Duration : 1h52m (112 minutes)
Start Point : 151.243667,-33.848480
End Point : 151.242645,-33.847488
Travelled distance : 19.65 km (10.61 nm)
Average Speed : 10.52 km/h (5.68 knots)
Peak Speed : 15.70 km/h (8.47 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 0.145 km (0.078 nm)

Wanting to sort out some issues with the boat tacking upwind, we undertook a trial run around the racecourse for the MultiHull Central races. With a 1600 start we managed to finish at 1717. Lots of weather helm so we will try a reef next time to see if there is any improvement.

2017-11-24 - FROM Athol Bay TO Rozelle Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/24 14:39:57 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-24T04:39:57Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/24 17:08:21
Trip Duration : 2h28m (148 minutes)
Start Point : 151.242675,-33.847530
End Point : 151.176864,-33.872261
Travelled distance : 23.35 km (12.60 nm)
Average Speed : 9.46 km/h (5.11 knots)
Peak Speed : 15.91 km/h (8.59 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 6.670 km (3.601 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 2.70 km/h (1.46 knots)

We hung around at Athol Bay until the start time approached and we then made our way to the line. With ten minutes to the gun we were a bit concerned as we couldn’t see any opposition, but in a masterful display of timing the fleet appeared and hardly broke stride as they crossed the line. With our reef in, weather helm was reduced but we still couldn’t point as well as the other boats. More work needed. We finished at 1721 and went back to the MultiHull Central HQ in Rozelle Bay for a BBQ.

2017-11-25 - FROM Rozelle Bay TO Rozelle Bay VIA Watsons Bay and Farm Cove

Trip start : 2017/11/25 10:29:13 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-25T00:29:13Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/25 15:33:59
Travelling Time : 2h40m (160 minutes)
Trip Duration : 5h04m (304 minutes)
Start Point : 151.175994,-33.872028
End Point : 151.177047,-33.872138
Travelled distance : 23.64 km (12.76 nm)
Average Speed : 8.86 km/h (4.78 knots)
Peak Speed : 12.17 km/h (6.57 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 0.097 km (0.052 nm)

More visitors! David’s Uncle Graham and Aunt Dianne were visiting long-time family friends Brian and Annie on their way south. With a day to kill they all thought a day on the bay would be a good idea, so we tied XTsea up to the public jetty and waited for them to arrive.

Brian wanted to travel up to Watsons Bay for some lunch fish’n’chips, so with the wind on the nose we motored there and dropped anchor just off the beach. There were a lot of boats on the water on the way, especially under the bridge, so the swell was lumpy but everyone seemed to cope well.

Doyle’s Restaurant and their Watson’s Bay Hotel. Some of the most expensive Fish’n’Chips ever.

After lunch winds were good for a spinnaker run down the bay so up she went and the engines went off. There were boats everywhere which made steering a course a bit exciting, but we soon made it to Farm Cove next to the Opera House and we dropped anchor for another spell. Time had flown by and it was soon time to finish up so we headed back to base. There was another vessel on the jetty so everyone enjoyed more excitement with a ride in the tender.

2017-11-28 - FROM Rozelle Bay TO Brays Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/28 09:01:56 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-27T23:01:56Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/28 10:20:00
Trip Duration : 1h18m (78 minutes)
Start Point : 151.177307,-33.872100
End Point : 151.095291,-33.829219
Travelled distance : 13.98 km (7.55 nm)
Average Speed : 10.75 km/h (5.80 knots)
Peak Speed : 12.74 km/h (6.88 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 8.949 km (4.832 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 6.88 km/h (3.71 knots)

Time to explore! We took XTsea as far up the river as we could, passing Cockatoo Island and going under Gladesville Bridge but had no hope of getting past the Ryde Bridge at 11.8m. We anchored in Brays Bay and spent a couple of days doing some washing.

2017-11-30 - FROM Bray Bay TO Hen and Chicken Bay VIA Morrisons Bay

Trip start : 2017/11/30 12:31:44 (Adjusted Local) (2017-11-30T02:31:44Z UTC)
Trip end : 2017/11/30 13:52:55
Travelling Time : 0h34m (34 minutes)
Trip Duration : 1h21m (81 minutes)
Start Point : 151.095275,-33.829299
End Point : 151.119781,-33.846088
Travelled distance : 4.59 km (2.48 nm)
Average Speed : 8.10 km/h (4.37 knots)
Peak Speed : 11.80 km/h (6.37 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 2.933 km (1.584 nm)

Last day of November saw us start our trip back downriver. We popped into Morrisons Bay for lunch and to give our last bit of washing a chance to dry. Anchoring space was tight so we elected to move on and grab one of the public moorings in Hen and Chicken Bay.

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