2018/19 Summer – Sharing the joy, and making bucks

Posted by on December 7, 2018

Well it has been a convoluted and reasonably expensive path, but XTsea is now in commercial operation. Colleen has achieved her coxswain qualification, and we have spent the dollars to get XTsea into shape to have paying customers on board.

We’ll be spending the Summer here in Sydney catering to the partyboat market, with the odd overnight AirBNB hosting. When things get colder, we’ll head north and try our luck up the east coast and hopefully tick that box for our circumnavigation.

Here are links to various websites regarding XTsea:

Sydney Harbour Escapes – XTsea
Ucruise Sydney – XTsea

Our chartering website is at http:\\www.xtsea.com.au

There are a lot of balls to be kept in the air running XTsea as a commercial boat, but we are enjoying the challenge so far.

Ritchie’s Bucks Party

Ritchie’s Bucks Party

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