2019 April – Balmain to Pittwater

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Total Sailing time : 7h18m (438 minutes)
Travelled distance : 65.22 km (35.22 nm)
Average Speed : 8.93 km/h (4.82 knots)
Peak Speed : 13.00 km/h (7.02 knots) on 2019/04/30

2019-04-29 - FROM Balmain TO Quarantine Bay VIA Rozelle Bay

Trip start : 2019/04/29 10:27:25 (Adjusted Local) (2019-04-29T00:27:25Z UTC)
Trip end : 2019/04/29 17:19:23
Travelling Time : 2h24m (144 minutes)
Trip Duration : 6h51m (411 minutes)
Start Point : 151.165405,-33.856349
End Point : 151.286056,-33.814411
Travelled distance : 21.82 km (11.78 nm)
Average Speed : 9.09 km/h (4.91 knots)
Peak Speed : 10.99 km/h (5.94 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 12.080 km (6.523 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 5.03 km/h (2.72 knots)

The voyage to Airlie Beach commences! The last few days had been busy with provisioning, tossing out or donating excess items, and generally tidying up the boat. Finally we threw off the mooring and David jumped off at the Elliot Street Wharf to drive our car around to Annandale to be minded for the winter by a friend. Colleen piloted the boat around to Annandale where David was waiting to help tie up at the public jetty.

We travelled up the harbour, under the Bridge and past the Opera House and it struck me once again what a magnificent body of water is Sydney Harbour. What awaited us on the open water?

We were tossing up whether to spend the night at Quarantine Bay or head on to Manly if it was too choppy, but conditions appeared calm in the lee of the Bay so we pulled up a mooring.

2019-04-30 - FROM Quarantine Bay TO Bayview

Trip start : 2019/04/30 09:15:47 (Adjusted Local) (2019-04-29T23:15:47Z UTC)
Trip end : 2019/04/30 14:10:13
Trip Duration : 4h54m (294 minutes)
Start Point : 151.286117,-33.814640
End Point : 151.305267,-33.661350
Travelled distance : 43.40 km (23.43 nm)
Average Speed : 8.86 km/h (4.78 knots)
Peak Speed : 13.00 km/h (7.02 knots)
Straight-line Distance : 17.137 km (9.253 nm)
VMG Average Speed : 3.50 km/h (1.89 knots)

A little nervous after spending the last year safely tucked into Sydney Harbour, we checked the weather forecast and observations before deciding to go for it. We poked our nose out through the heads and turned left! Northerly winds, so the motors ran until we turned the corner at Barrenjoey Head.

Entering Pittwater we were able to raise the genoa as we made our way down to Bayview. Jellyfish were quite thick in the water! It was our first time in Pittwater proper, and we were impressed by the number of masts we saw around the waterway.

At Bayview, we idled through some shallow water to get around to where we intended to dry out the next morning. After a night on the anchor we drove onto the sand and waited for the tide to drop to give the hull a going- over. Colleen took the opportunity to bus back to Birkenhead to pick up the laundry that she had forgotten while David gave the hull a wipe.

Giving the hull a wipe at Bayview before heading north

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