Product Review – ATN Dorcap

The great thing about living aboard is enjoying a good night’s sleep. The Seawind 1160 has a hatch right above each of the main beds, and the hatches angle forward to catch any breeze.

A couple of problems though.. rain, and early sunrise’s.

The ATN DORCAP is a brilliant product which we brought before we actually departed Airlie Beach and which at the time of writing has survived four years of constant use in all conditions from the tropics, six months in the Darwin wet season, to the southern tip of Tasmania.

Doubles the airflow through the hatch.
Maintains airflow in case of rain.
Can be operated from the inside of the boat with the medium and large size.
Easy to fold and to store.
Easy and quick to mount and dismount.
Avoid ceaseless trips to open or close hatches.
Made with sea-worthy materials.

At US$275 before shipping, it’s not cheap, but in my humble opinion everyone who enjoys their sleep should consider it a very worthwhile investment.

Here is a link to the manufacturer’s webpage. ATN DORCAP