Product Review – Eco Marine Bedding Mattress

Have you ever considered that the enjoyment you get from sailing is not limited to the performance of your boat, but how well you and you crew perform as well? If you are tired you are not going to perform at your peak, which diminishes your enjoyment and could put others at risk. Have you ever thought about how much we rely of getting a good night’s sleep?

We had discussed buying a new mattress for quite some time as the old one was over ten years old and had seen better days and was not providing us with a good night’s sleep. However, in all our travels we had not found anything that suit our needs and budget. That is until we found Eco Marine Bedding.

After initial enquiries, we were impressed enough to board a bus in Sydney and travel 2 hours to Mona Vale. We met with Karl at Eco Marine Bedding and he explained the construction of their mattresses. The foam used in the Flexima mattress goes through extensive processing to ensure that close to 100% of the foam cells are burst during manufacturing. Channels are cut into the foam and special plastic inserts are installed to provide support and ventilation, and then the mattress is wrapped in a cover that has 8mm of mesh on the bottom and sides to enhance ventilation.

Condensation and moisture under the mattress used to be a problem. When we moved aboard we quickly discovered that the original mattress would absorb moisture and often found the bottom damp when we lifted it up. Whether this was us sweating moisture out, or condensation just from living on the water, it was still an issue. And if someone ever forgot to dog the hatch above the bed closed while underway, washing the mattress down and then drying it out was a major exercise. Our previous solution was to have a sheet of Aeromesh under the mattress which worked quite well and at about $150 for a queen size bed was an economical way to go. Others might use timber slats, and we have seen a boat where a grid of fancy plastic springy things was installed, but the price for that was crazy high. The Flexima open foam, ventilation tubes, side and bottom mesh, and removable cover all combine to make moisture build-up a thing of the past.

Flexima Nautica mattress showing the special support/ventilation devices

Nautica mattress showing zippered cover and open mesh sides.

Karl had a sample bed on display, with mattresses of three choices of firmness as well as a soft-top to the cover. As soon as we jumped on we realised what we had been missing. The price was something that we needed to think about as we no longer have an income, but when we did the sums over the life of the mattress it really was an investment that would dramatically improve our comfort and Karl soon had a firm order.

As part of a customised service, Karl comes to your boat (we were in Sydney Harbour) and makes a template of the space to ensure a perfect fit. Karl was prompt and had everything done in a short amount of time. He advised us that delivery would be 4 to 5 weeks. Karl delivered and installed our new bedding within the time stated. As part of the service he also took away our old mattress for disposal.

Karl delivering our new bed to Rozelle Bay, Sydney

New bed in place, with Karl removing the plastic

Our new bed! A perfect fit.

Our package included a custom fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillow set made of TENCEL which is a new-age botanic fibre which is naturally moisture-whicking, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

The custom-fitted sheet installed. Normal rectangular fitted sheets don’t sit this nicely on our curved mattress.

We have been sleeping on our new mattress for a month now and it is fabulous! I only wish we had done this ages ago. No more lumps and sagging in the middle. It is a little higher than our last one but that only adds to our comfort.

We were impressed with Karl’s dedication to excellent customer service and we would recommend Eco Marine Bedding for all your custom marine bedding needs. Come aboard if you want to check out what a great marine mattress feels like.