What’s in a name?

Naming a boat is a big decision. It may initially not seem like an important thing, and in the greater scheme of things, it probably isn’t. But, considering the strong feelings many of us have for our boats, the fact that we put so much work, sweat and money into them, the fact they are a big part of our memories of so many good times, with family, with friends, the fact that sometimes our very lives are in the safekeeping of our boat, most boaties feel that selecting the right name for a boat is important.

The name picked for your boat will reflect to others a little about you – about your intellect (or lack thereof) and your worldliness (or lack thereof) or your sense of humor. If you are a cruiser, many fellow cruisers will only remember you by your boat name, or your first name and your boat name -” Hey, there’s Jim from Moondance! Hey, Moondance!”

So, what’s the deal with the name XTsea?


I would love to tell you a deep and meaningful story about how the name came about. About the hours of careful consideration Colleen and I went through to arrive at the final decision. About the hours of design work that went into the bold and distinctive graphics that grace our bows.

Sadly, I can offer none of that.

Ian and Nanette Black, XTsea's original owners

Ian and Nanette Black, XTsea’s original owners

XTsea was originally commissioned in 2006 by Ian and Nanette Black of Mooloolaba who were upgrading from a Seawind 1000. They picked the name, and presumably approved the artwork. We purchased XTsea in 2008.

Although we did not pick it, Colleen and I are very happy with the name. I doubt we could have come up with better, and thanks to it being only five letters in length, the graphics are very clear at a distance helping us to stand out in the crowd.

Seawind Whitsunday Rally 2010 Race 1 Startline

Seawind Whitsunday Rally 2010 Race 1 Startline